Dog Fence Customer Testimonials

I had Hidden Fence installed two years ago and could not have been more pleased. Working with Lester was one of the best contractor/homeowner experiences I have had. He explained every facet of the business as well as his philosophy of training your pet. I most liked the fact that he starts at the lowest setting and slowly raises the level to customize everything to your individual pet. I have a 90 pound lab and he is still on one of the lowest settings because as Lester trained him, it’s all that he needed. Some fence companies just guess and set the collars at the highest setting from the start so the dog gets the most painful shock. That is just not necessary in most cases. Lester clearly loves animals and his job. He recently installed a system for my neighbor and they are pleased as well. You couldn’t find a more responsive, honest and enthusiastic businessman.Alison L
Dear Lester, I would like to thank you for your “Hidden Fence” installation and training -which far exceeded my expectations- and in particular- my multiple experiences with the Invisible Fence Brand. I had been one of Invisible Fence’s early customers in Bryn Mawr, PA in the 1980’s. We had several additional dogs retrained there over a decade. I then had an Invisible Fence Brand when I lived in Queen Anne’s County MD in the late 1990’s, again with at least one extension, a reconfiguration, and training of a few more additional dogs. I was grateful for the security of the Invisible Fence but quite concerned about the training of the dogs, which entailed strong shock’s followed by days of fear thereafter. I didn’t like that part of it, but was told it was normal. Then I talked with Lester from the Hidden Fence Company. He explained his training was a VERY different experience. The Hidden Fence transmitter and receiver are excellent, allowing far more flexibility in adjusting the settings. providing a lower impact from the dog’s receiver than my equipment from Invisible Fence. Above all, the training method was a wholly different experience than I had had with Invisible Fence. My young and sensitive male dog was never given more than a mild “tickle” sensation and yet he quickly learned from Lester working WITH him to avoid the flags on all parts of the 2+acres of my property. Lester’s “roast beef” technique made it a real fun learning experience -both for the dog and for me- and not a “shocking” one like I had experienced in the past So thank you very much for excellent service. I will recommend Hidden Fence to my vet and anyone considering an “electric fence.”Ann M
Lester, I just wanted to thank you for your help with our Invisible Fence Brand system. When our dog’s collar stopped working, I called the Invisible Fence Company in Edgewater who installed it to see what could be done Their answer over the phone was to have me just buy a new collar (for more than $300.00). Without seeing the collar or checking the system they wanted me to just spend money. I read where the Hidden Fence Company service’s all brands of fences, so I called you and I am glad I did! You helped me diagnose some things over the phone, and figured out it was just a dead battery. I met with you at 8:00 o’clock that night and bought a new battery from you, now everything is working again. The Invisible Fence Company failed to mention I have a lifetime warranty, and they didn’t care enough to come out to check. I appreciate your honest business principles. I will highly recommend you and the Hidden Fence Company to our friends and neighbors”.Donna B
Dear Lester, I wanted to wait a few months to see how well the system per­formed before writing you, and I have to say it has been a better experience than I ever expected. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my Hidden Fence containment system. As a veterinarian I have firsthand experience with the loss of too many of my patients when they escaped from their owners prop­erties . Since you did the installation for me, not one of my 4 dogs has left my yard!!! One of my dogs -a Corgi- was a daily traveler who introduced me to many of my neighbors. She was saved from the road by some, and on occasion, just walked in other neighbors homes through open doors. Ever since my Hidden Fence was installed and she started wearing her collar (and even when I forget to put it on) she has stayed home. The same is true for the other three. They all still run and play all over the yard but never leave home. I feel so much better that I know my beloved companions are safe and will not be injured or killed in the busy roads around my home. And I am sure my neighbors are happy knowing my puppy will not being coming to Christmas dinner this year as she did last year. I highly recommend you and the Hidden Fence Company to many of my clients and I will continue to do so in the future. You were professional and served all my needs and even returned at no charge to fix a problem that I made with the original containment plan. Thanks again for giving me peace of mind.Dr. Marilyn T
THANK YOU kindly for all of your help! It has really given us A LOT of peace of mind! …many many thanks, we will recommend you to ANY AND EVERYONE we know looking for invisible fencing, you are by far the friendliest, most efficient, and very good at what you do!)Jennifer S
Thank you for helping us make the decision to go with the Hidden Fence Company. We had been looking on line, got a quote from your competitor (invisible fence), but we just weren’t convinced. We were doing our homework, and we decided (because of the cost difference) to go buy one at the pet store. We brought it home, watched at the video, and decided we did not want to mess with it. It is a bigger task then we expected. Finally, we called your company, and were sold on you and your product. I was impressed with the fact that you explained everything to us right over the phone. It was fast, efficient and logical. Everything was a much better quality than what we saw in the package we bought at the pet store. We learned it was more about the training and information for the dog to understand, and not just being able to bury wire and plug in the transmitter. It may have cost more, but believe me, it was worth it! Thank goodness we found you. Our dog Ginger was out of control before we got the hidden fence and she would sprint for the neighbors every chance she could. We were having to chase her down at all hours of the day and night. She learned so quickly and had so much fun with your help ( and your roast beef). She has only gotten out the one time in the beginning because we let her out without her lead the next day while the deer were in our yard, and you promptly called us and suggested elevating her collar to the next level.. Thankfully she has not escaped since, even with all the deer, squirrels and rabbits. I cannot believe how all our lives have changed since we got the Hidden Fence. We are much happier not having to chase her up and down the road, the neighbors are happier, and she is happier. She can now stay out when we go to work, and hunt rabbits till her heart’s content. We will recommend you to all of our friends and neighbors.Sue & Tom R
This was a really fun experience for us and our dogs. Having Lester provide us with the understanding of how to teach our dogs, along with the multiple levels of adjustment allowing different strengths for each dog so that my wild Doberman can have one setting and my sensitive Dachshund can have another setting. I highly recommend the Hidden Fence Company’s system of dog containment training. Thank you very much.Kevin O
This is one of the best improvements we have made to our property, and would highly recommend Lester Pullen and the Hidden Dog Fence Company for pet safety and owner’s peace of mind to anyone. As the owner of two high energy Labrador Retrievers that were adopted from our local animal shelter, we quickly realized our problem of how to confidently contain these two rambunctious dogs while providing the freedom to run around our fenced-in yard. They dug under the wire on the fence in several locations. We placed obstacle that we were convinced would deter them, only to find they had moved to dig out in another location. We explored several of the competitors electric fences, and in our search of a solution, we contacted Hidden Fence through their website. Almost immediately, we were contacted by Lester Pullen, and he described the system from installation through training. Lester arrived at our house on time on the scheduled installation date, and expertly installed the 2 acre system precisely how and where we specified. The post installation training session only took about 30 minutes to complete. All elements of the system are reliable, easy to use and easy to monitor. Lester is always available to provide after sales support, and always exceeds our expectations on warranty service. A rarity in customer service today. Lester always follows through on his promises.Dr. Wayne W
We have had a great experience with Hidden Fence. It is effective with our four, very different, wonderful, adopted rescue dogs. We tried two pet containment systems in our search for a more humane system. One competitor system was like one-size-fits-all and the other just didn’t seem to care what we were asking. We value the wide range of warnings and correction levels that help avoid the overly harsh corrections we witnessed with the other brands (Lester made us feel the correction levels on ourselves). We appreciate the positive, high motivation training Lester uses which helps offset any fears. Our newest dog actually seemed excited about learning especially with the high reward training (and we didn’t dread it!). Our dogs are respectful, but not fearful, of the fence and yard. They back off the fence when they hear a warning and/or feel a correction, but they don’t cry out. We can set each dog’s correction individually at just the right level necessary to keep each one in our yard. Also, the customer service is impeccable.Randy G

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