Dog Fence Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hidden Dog Fences of Maryland and Virginia associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, PetSafe® Pro, Radio Fence®, Dogwatch®, DogGuard® or ANY other pet fence brand than Pet Stop®?
No, we are an authorized Pet Stop® provider. However, as an independent contractor Hidden Dog Fences may service and/or sell other brands of electric pet containment products – including product upgrades, trade-ins, exchanges and replacements. We carry replacement parts, collars, transmitters, batteries etc. for other pet containment brands.
Are there any age or size limits my pet must be in order to be trained to a Hidden Dog Fence?
No, but your pet should already be well adjusted to their home environment before training begins. While there are no minimum or maximum size limitations, it’s recommended your pet be at least eight weeks old. Also keep in mind that an old dog can learn new tricks!
Are there any age or size limits my pet must be in order to be trained to a Hidden Dog Fence?
The correction used is harmless, safe, and humane — the shock is just enough to effectively startle the dog. It’s like putting a 9-volt battery on your tongue. The amount of energy used in correction is less than that produced by a carpet’s static shock. The shock is NOT meant to harm or hurt your dog, the correction is there as a reminder to keep away from that area.
Will it take a long time to train my dog to the fence?
With our gentle training method most dogs are completely trained in about 6 days. Our gentle training techniques greatly reduce the time it takes to train your pet and is more humane than our competitors’ training methods.
My dog has shown some aggression in the past. Can I still get a Hidden Dog Fence?
NO! We will not sell a Hidden Dog fence to a potentially dangerous dog, unless our product will also be used with a pre-existing wooden or chain-link fence. We do not recommend using corrections on an aggressive dog and instead suggest you ask your vet for training recommendations.
How will I know when the batteries need replacing?
Your battery life varies depending on how often your dog tests the boundary and that your correction level is set it. In most cases, the battery will last from 5 to 8 months. When low, an indicator light on your receiver will flash to alert you that it’s time to change batteries.
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