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The EcoLite™ Rechargeable Receiver

The EcoLite rechargeable receiver
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The EcoLite rechargeable receiver is a great choice for dogs both large and small. Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, this tiny receiver collar weighs less than an ounce but still contains our reliable features and a full range of settings designed to keep your pet safe!

Best of all, the EcoLite is RECHARGEABLE! The built-in rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 25 years – that’s 25 years worth of battery savings!

View EcoLite™ Features

  • Rechargeable!
    Environmentally friendly and saves you money on battery costs!
  • Diagnostic Charging Station Plus
    • alerts you when your receiver requires service
  • Small and Lightweight!
    Designed with your pets’ comfort in mind. Weighs under an ounce and works for dogs both large and small!
  • Stopper Feature:
    Reinforces the training for pets who like to test the fence boundaries
  • Safety Stop:
    Our fail-safe system to prevent your pet from getting continuous corrections if they’re trapped
  • Flash Alert™ low battery light
    Lets you know when your receiver needs recharging before the battery runs out.
  • Tri-Scann™ Omni Directional Antenna:
    Eliminates receiver collar blind spots
  • LED light (More Info…)
    Helps you keep track of your pet after sunset.
  • Invisible Fence® compatible
  • GentleSteps™ compatible

The OT-150 Outdoor Transmitter

Our digital transmitter is the hub of the system, working in concert with the computerized Pet Stop Smart Receiver collar and the boundary wire. Here are the features designed into the OT 150 Transmitter:

GentleSteps™ training, ready
GentleSteps is a low-stress, proven method that slowly advances the correction level to an optimum setting because each pet’s breed and temperament are unique.

DM Technology
Our transmitters incorporate DM Technology (Digital Modulation) into the design – the same type of technology trusted in commercial aircraft radios to avoid signal interference. This technology is superior to those products incorporating limited (FM) Modulation.

Owner-Friendly Controls
You’re sure to appreciate easy-to-use system settings and controls for programming your computerized Smart Receiver collar with its large LCD display. Pet Stop can be customized to the most unique pet’s needs. These controls allow you and your dealer to work together to easily implement changes without the need for costly on-site service fees.

Power Loss Memory (PLM)
Should you ever lose power, there’s no need to reset your fence. Pet Stop equipment remembers all of your system settings. The last thing you want to worry about after a power outage is the safety of your pet. A battery backup unit is also available if you are affected by frequent power interruptions.

Wire Break Indicator
All units incorporate an audible and visual warning in the unlikely event your boundary wire breaks. Breaks happen, and a good warning system is key to keeping your pet safe.

Lightning Protection
The Pet Stop transmitter has some of the best lightning protection available built right into the system, preventing the need for add-on surge devices.

Zapp Alert®
Even with the best protection, lightning can still be an issue. This audible and visual warning system alerts you if a surge occurs in the transmitter. This feature is a Pet Stop exclusive that will help protect your pet by letting you know immediately when your system is down.

We designed our transmitters to withstand temperature extremes found in most garages and basements, where the transmitter is sometimes installed. Not all pet-fence systems incorporate this important feature. It’s just one more way Pet Stop goes above and beyond to ensure your pet’s safety.

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