How Do Hidden Fence Systems Work?

These are the most common layouts:

Virtually every installation we do is some variation of one of these three layouts.

Dog Fence Layout – Perimeter
Dog Fence Layout - perimeter loopThis “Perimeter Loop” layout is by far our most common installation. Your pets are protected from any unexpected escapes as well as giving your animal freedom to play in your entire yard. HIDDENFENCE.NET recommends keeping the fence boundaries at least 10′ from sidewalks as a neighbor friendly practice.
Dog Fence Layout – Hourglass
Dog Fence Layout - HourglassThe “Hour Glass Layout” layout can be used in the front or backyard only. It shares the benefits of the perimeter loop but the side yards are blocked.
Dog Fence Layout – Double Loop
Dog Fence Layout - Double LoopThe third layout is the “Double Loop” back yard or front yard layout. Two wires are run in either the front or back yard so this design is usually installed when landscape conditions prevent a full perimeter layout.
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