The GentleSteps™ Dog Fence Training Method

The GentleSteps™ Dog Fence Training Method. Safe, Humane, Intellectual, Reward-Based Electronic Pet Fencing

A unique feature of the Hidden Fence Company is our initial training. By utilizing extremely low stimulation levels combined with highly adjustable receivers will initially train your pet faster, and with less of the stress normally associated with other fence training methods. As technology improved, and as science provided a better understanding of how dogs learn, the obvious responsible choice was to combine the two. This manifest as a uniquely gentle and humane training program we call the GentleSteps™ Training Method.

Hidden Fence GentleSteps Lester Pullen IACP
Hidden Fence GentleSteps Lester Pullen IACP

The GentleSteps™ Training Method was a cooperative effort led by Rich Weinssen from NJ, and Lester Pullen of the Hidden Fence Company. Lester introduced this unique training to the industry in 2001 to a group of professional dog trainers at the annual IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) meeting just outside of Austin Texas. Now, over 150 Pet Stop dealers are currently certified in this modern, careful approach.

Dogs learn by using their own empirical experiences, so naturally the more experience they get, the more thorough their understanding. By beginning with incredibly low levels that do not deter their behavior, we are able to provide them with the necessary experience to make the proper associations, be able to problem solve, learn the correct response choices, recognize patterns, and understand consequence of action (both good and bad) on an intellectual level, not based on reflex, but by their own thoughts. It is truly amazing to watch your dog take the time to “think” during this training process.

Don’t Ask – Demand Gentle Training!
If for whatever reason you do not choose the Hidden Fence Company, make sure you at least ask that the method you are taught include 10% levels of shock for initial teaching. People make mistakes, but when you are teaching on low (stimulation) levels during the dog’s early fence training, human error is more easily forgiven.

Hidden Fence GentleSteps™ Training Method

Pets are happier and learn faster with GentleSteps™

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