Electric Pet Fence Collars and Batteries

The UltraElite Receiver®
Dog Fence Product - UltraElite Series 2Weighing a mere 1.3 ounces, this extremely light receiver was designed to be comfortable, yet effective – your pet probably won’t even notice they’re wearing the receiver, at least not until they wander into a restricted area.

We know that every pet has their own unique learning abilities. The UltraElite Receiver’s® programming can be fine-tuned to whatever setting best suits your pet’s intellectual capabilities. It also features several built-in features to assist reinforcement of the initial training your pet receives upon fence installation. Weighing just 1.3 ounces with over 5,000 programmable settings, this is the smallest, lightest, and fully customizable collar on the market. This is ideal for even the smallest pets. Your pet will hardly notice it unless they move into a restricted zone. Pet Stop® designed the UltraElite with your pet’s day-to-day comfort and safety in mind. Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific personality of your pet.

Pet Stop® Outdoor Transmitter
Dog Fence Product - OT200 TransmitterWhile designed to be simple to use, the Pet Stop Outdoor Transmitter isn’t just a box on the wall.

Useful features include an easy-to-read digital display that takes the guesswork out of whether your unit is working or not, and temperature durability that ensures a steady signal field regardless of the temperature outside.

Pet Stop® Indoor Transmitter
Dog Fence Product - Indoor TransmitterWhether you want to keep Fido out of the kitchen or Fluffy off your favorite armchair, the Indoor Transmitter can be customized to keep a pet out of the room, or accurately fine-tuned to target spaces as small as a few feet. Whatever the problem may be, this transmitter can provide a solution.

Our Indoor Transmitters are also compatible with our Outdoor Transmitter systems and most competitor brands.