Why Choose Hidden Fence Pet Containment of Maryland & Virginia?

Hidden Fence owner Lester Pullen has professionally represented several brands of products, including several years working for Invisible Fence®.

An interesting turn of events led Lester back to many of the engineers and former Invisible Fence® friends.

Hidden Fence of MD & VA owner

Hidden Fence owner Lester Pullen & son with Hershey (see lower right)

Lester Pullen Bio
Hidden Fence is a 100% veteran owned and operated company for more than twenty-eight years. A Navy Rescue Swimmer, Lester applies the dedication, commitment and principles from that experience, along with his knowledge and experience in the early 90s working for the Invisible Fence Company, to provide creative professional designs, installation, service, expert training and support in Maryland and Virginia.

Hidden Dog Fence Company was formed in 1996 as a way to provide a consumer friendly alternative to an industry with very limited choices. (HiddenFence.net is not associated with Invisible Fence® or the Invisible Fence Company)

As technology improved, and as science provided a better understanding of how dogs learn, the obvious responsible choice was to combine the two. The result, a uniquely gentle and humane training process that Lester introduced to the industry in 2001 while speaking at the annual IACP meeting.
Lester presenting at the 2001 annual IACP meeting

Lester presenting at the 2001 annual IACP meeting

While other companies are just starting to recognize (and now promote) the value of this training process, their own technology limitations hinder their performance.

The Hidden Fence Company is the area’s longest standing local pet containment company in the Maryland counties of Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Queen Anne’s and Talbot and also services Fairfax County in Virginia. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction, both experience and awards from the top manufacturers in the world.

Why Pet Stop® Brand?

“If you can find a more advanced pet fence, we’ll buy it for you”
~Bob Slattery Chairman & CEO Perimeter Technologies

Pet Stop’s company president, John Purtell, founded the industry’s first company, Invisible Fence®, years ago, making it into a national brand identity, and now he and many long-established experts have joined back together to make Pet Stop® the most knowledgeable containment company.  Shop Our Online Store

The company’s chief engineer, Scott Touchton, has more patents in his name in the pet containment field than any other engineer in this industry. John and Scott have a long history together – and want to prove that Pet Stop products are Safer by Design and offer Greater Peace of Mind. Shop Our Online Store

Why choose Hidden Fence Pet Containment of Maryland & Virginia, dog containment training is an invisible fence alternative. Shop Our Online Store

Commitment to Technology

Pet Stop® has provided an opportunity for some of the best engineering minds in the business to continue making quality, innovative, engineered and built products.

Features & Credentials

  1. Original Providers of the Gentle Training Program
  2. Lightest, Smallest, Fully Customizable Receiver in the World
  3. Most Experienced Executive in the Industry (creator of Invisible Fence®)
  4. Most Experienced Engineers (created more Pet Containment Patents industry-wide)
  5. Hundreds of Correction Adjustment Options
  6. Several Personalities-Based-Behavior-Response Programs
  7. Smart Zone® Automatic Correction Adjustment with Fail Safe Zone
  8. Flash Alert® (Low battery Indicator)
  9. Uses common Lithium Battery (available locally) or Pet Stop® brand batteries for the safest containment experience.
  10. Lifetime Warranty
  11. Rechargeable Receivers
  12. Patented neck contact probes, including rubber Comfort Contacts® and Spring-Loaded neck contact probes.
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