PCC-200 Basic System

Hidden Fence PCC-200
Hidden Fence PCC-200

The PCC-200 is our Basic System. It combines our most economical transmitter, the PCT, to work with our most economical PCR receiver collar. This transmitter has the same reliability and quality as our other products.

While this basic system has a 2-year warranty, and the collar may have less settings and a thinner shell than our other receiver collars, it still has the same reliability and quality.

The PCC-200 Basic System is not compatible with our GentleSteps™ training method.

View PCR Receiver Features

Our most economical receiver – Great for pet owners on a budget
3-Level Progressive Correction
2-Year Warranty
Stopper Feature:
Reinforces the training for pets who like to test the fence boundaries
Safety Stop:
Our fail-safe system to prevent your pet from getting continuous corrections if they’re trapped
Flash Alert™ low battery light
Lets you know when your receiver battery is running low, allowing you to switch them out for fresh batteries before the power runs out.
Tri-Scann™ Omni Directional Antenna:
Eliminates receiver collar blind spots
Smart Receiver
Uses a pure signal to avoid interference and false corrections from other devices.

View PCT Transmitter Features

DM Technology – avoid signal interference
User-friendly – easily read and change correction settings
Power-Loss Memory
If you lose power, your transmitter will remember your system settings
Wire Break Alarm
Get a visual and audible warning if there’s a break in your boundary wire.
Built-In Lightning Protection

Built to withstand various temperatures, including those commonly found in basements and garages.

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